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At Golden Nest, we are a real estate company with a vision. We specialize in creating communities through in-house planning, management, marketing and sales. We believe a thorough approach is necessary to deliver the best result for all stakeholders. We focus on generating long term value for vendor, present and future buyers.

The Golden Nest Difference

Leveling A Project

With an extensive network of town planners, architect and builders, we can level a project at where the best it would be.

Holistic Approach

We believe no one approach suit all projects, but every process in one approach must be coherent to maximize ROI of a project.

Global Reach

Golden Nest can employ its sales network with a local, national and global reach. We can reach buyers worldwide.


Many clients come back. We believe a successful project can meet both ROI goal and brand growth. That's our definition of sustainability.


Premium Location, All Inclusive Price, Market Leading Guarrantee

Land Supplies, Marketing & Sales


Planning, Management, Marketing & Sales


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