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Three Critical Factors To Finding The Suitable Land For Your Dream Home

Finding the proper bit of land for your dream home can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. The three variables listed below are critical in locating the ideal land for your beautiful home.

  • Supply and Demand
  • Large Masterplan vs. Small Sub-Division
  • Large Developer vs. Small Developer

Supply and Demand:

Property investment is a physical resource comprised of buildings and the land on which it rests, and while it is immovable, it, like other assets, is subjected to supply and demand. This means that property prices, like stock and bond prices, are highly influenced by the law of supply and demand. If there is more demand, rates will rise; prices will decline with more supply. In the case of property prices, this means that if there is more supply, prices will decline. This means that the supply of property is a major factor in determining property prices.

The housing market, too, is strongly reliant on supply and demand. That’s why it is a closely watched indicator in the business. Of course, every housing transaction includes a buyer and a seller. The buyer makes an offer to acquire a property, which the seller can accept or reject. The buyer makes an offer to acquire a property, which the seller can accept or reject. In some cases, a potential buyer may make multiple offers, hoping that the seller will eventually accept one of them

The law of supply and demand clarifies the equilibrium price of a property. A lack of housing inventory may cause prices to rise, which leads to bidding wars. Multiple parties may be interested in a given property and try to outcompete one another by raising their offer. House prices tend to fall when the market is sluggish, and there is an excess of properties, resulting in low or no demand for housing.

Factors Affecting Housing Supply and Demand

There are many factors affecting the housing demand and supply. One factor that may affect the development is the approval process, and the council is tedious and lengthy. Sometimes, the approval process might take a long time, or the approving body might not be interested in the project. For example, Sydney sees a historic reduction in new housing supply, owing to the failure of apartment buildings, which may exacerbate the city’s scarcity and drive up prices.

According to Planning Department data, fewer than 30,000 dwellings were constructed in Greater Sydney in 2020-21, compared to more than 42,000 in 2017-18 and 2018-19, and considerably below the Greater Sydney Commission’s estimated target of 36,000 each year.

Land supply is critical to long-term growth. Australia’s population has grown by one-third in the last 20 years, from 18.5 million in 1997 to 24.7 million. More remarkable, this unprecedented population expansion has outpaced all projections. Based on low-growth assumptions, the Australian Bureau of Statistics forecasted in 1998 that Australia’s residents would reach about 23.5 million people in 2051, a target it met in July 2014. As a result, maintaining land supply is critical for the country’s long-term growth.

Large Masterplan vs. Small Sub-Division

A large Masterplan is generally more favored. Mega development will have its school, park, playground, transport, and shopping implemented by the government and developer. Five Reasons to live in a Master Planned Community are as follows:


Aside from parks and country club memberships, master-planned communities provide golf courses, specialty clubs, community events, walk and bike paths, and more. Each community has its facilities, but there will be plenty to choose from no matter which planned neighborhood you pick.


Many master-planned houses are self-contained cities in their own right. They house a wide range of enterprises, stores, restaurants, and services. A master-planned community is intended to provide a single location where people can reside, work, shop, and relax.

Smart Investment

Purchasing a residential home in a master-planned community is a wise investment. Aside from the housing market and overall economic improvements, master-planned communities attribute their increased sales to buyers’ opinion that they are the most excellent place to invest and the varying quality and level of lingering misery in other locations.

More extensive Developer vs. Small Developer

You should be aware that purchasing from more prominent developers is less risky than buying from smaller companies. Large developers have spent years developing they are and can afford to employ top specialists to work for them. Large developers cannot afford to destroy their brand by failing to meet the expectations of their clients. Furthermore, they have been constructing infrastructure for many years and are constantly upgrading their following initiatives. The following are the advantages of large developers:

Better delivery

The more extensive developer provides better delivery as compared to small developers. They try to deliver according to customers’ expectations. They provide you with better facilities such as wider roads, more green strips, better sewage, and electricity supply.

 Attract Top Builders

Large developers only allow top builders to enter their development. For a builder to enter significant developments, they must have proven experience and reputation to enhance the quality of the development and the home they might build.

Price stability

The large developers provide you with better price stability than small developers. There are less frequent fluctuations in the land or house price in a larger development, thus providing its customer with value.

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